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Website design and development is incredibly important, but unfortunately, can often be worth nothing unless your website is easily found online. In today's digital world, if your business is not on the first page of popular search engines, you are leaving yourself in an incredibly vulnerable position. The expert XSIT team can help you rise through search engine rankings, whilst providing relevant and quality content to your customer base.


Why is SEO important?

Studies have shown that 95% of people using search engines will not look past the first page of search engine results and the top search engine answer is ten times more likely to get clicked than any other result. When considering this, it is obvious to see why SEO is important. For businesses in Sydney and across Australia, SEO has grown from a marketing technique to an essential business practice. We live in an increasingly digital world and no matter what product or service you have to offer, without effective website visibility you are stunting your business growth.


What is SEO?

SEO, or search engine optimisation, is the practice of adding content or improving the structure of your website so it appears as more attractive to search engines and rises up search engine rankings. Different search engines vary slightly in what criteria they value but all major search engines focus predominately on whether your website will offer value to an individual using their search engine. For example, if a user searches 'Professional email hosting Sydney' using Google or another search engine, it will try to show the users the best, according to their criteria, email hosting businesses in Sydney.


Factors that affect SEO

There are numerous factors that affect the SEO of a company, such as…

• Use of keywords
• Website security
• The load speed of webpages
• User experience
• Effective link building


SEO is a journey

SEO is not an overnight achievement, it is an ongoing journey that requires consistent attention. This is because the way users search is constantly developing, so your SEO practices need to develop too. For example, with technology such as SIRI, more internet searches are being conducted via voice search, meaning a website has to utilise both long-tail keywords and shorter keyword phrases that are used more commonly for mobile and desktop searches. For on-going dedicated IT support Sydney based, trust XSIT.


Experienced support from day one

At XSIT, we will be with you at every stage of the SEO journey. We can help identify your targeted search terms and ensure you are meeting the demands of your customers whilst optimising your content for SEO. It is not simply enough to include relevant keywords in your website, you must include keywords relevant to your business in content that is engaging and useful to a potential customer. Creating and maintaining a blog is a great way to improve your SEO whilst providing something relevant and informative to your clients. For example, blog posts about how to style or use the products you sell are often extremely search engine-friendly.


Content isn't the only king…

Incredible, engaging content is important to improve your search engine ranking, but this content must be placed on a well organised, easily navigated website to have an impact. For example, if your company website is filled with excellent information but constantly glitches, has downtime and is designed poorly, this will frustrate the potential client and increase your drop-off rate. A high drop-off rate signals to search engines that your website is flawed, causing you to fall further down search engine rankings. Efficient web hosting Sydney based is, therefore, essential to ensure you have the technical structure to support your optimised content.


Effective SEO strategies

At XSIT, we utilise our years of experience to implement SEO strategies that will get results. Unlike other web design Sydney based companies, we don't offer a one-size-fits-all solution, instead, we take the time to get to know your company and what your short and long term business goals are. After we have a thorough understanding of your business, we develop tailor-made solutions and SEO strategies that work optimally for you. For example, we may begin effective link building to preserve the long-term SEO of your company and start a PPC campaign, to give your search results an instant boost.


Ready to start climbing?

If you're ready to start the climb up search engine rankings, contact XSIT today. We deliver SEO Sydney based businesses can count on. Without SEO, you are limiting your customer base and therefore the growth of your business. Your website deserves to be seen so why delay your SEO journey? Please contact XSIT with any queries you may have, we can't wait to hear from you!

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