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Finding a reliable web host for your small business website can be a stressful experience. That’s because most conventional web hosting companies are focused on volume rather than service. This is great when everything is running fine, but where do you turn when things go wrong?

At XSIT, we focus on providing small business website and email hosting. We recognise that web hosting is a critical part of your business, and structure our hosting packages around providing not just the hosting, but the support you need as you build your online presence.

So don’t trust any hosting company, select a company which provides both the solutions and support you need as your business grows.


Web hosting services

When selecting a web host it can be confusing choosing between the different options. At XSIT, we offer several types of hosting platform. Our specialists can help you choose the right option, but here is a brief overview of the solutions available:


Shared hosting

With shared hosting, your website shares a web server with other websites. So each of the websites hosted on the server share the same system resources such as disk space, bandwidth, RAM and processing power.

Advantages: Shared hosting is the most cost-effective option and is perfect for companies seeking to establish their web presence.

Disadvantages: With a shared server, your website must share resources with other websites. If a website on the same server is using up all the system resources, your website response time may suffer. Shared hosting is also not as secure as other hosting types.


Dedicated hosting

With dedicated hosting, your website is hosted on its own server. But this means there is no one to share the cost. Due to the cost and complexity of managing such a server, dedicated hosting is only suitable for larger websites with high traffic demand.

Advantages: Allows you to select server resources to match the expected load of your website. Your website is also not at risk from being taken offline by other websites hosted on the same server.

Disadvantages: Dedicated hosting is expensive compared to shared or virtual hosting. So it’s not suitable for start-ups or those companies who have not yet established a significant web presence.


Virtual (VPS) hosting

Virtual hosting is the next step from shared hosting. With a virtual environment, your website is hosted on a shared server that imitates a dedicated server. With this type of environment, the web host can assign server resources to each website, thereby eliminating the problem with traditional shared hosting.

Advantages: A cost-effective, secure and reliable way of hosting a fast-growing website. The resources needed can be adjusted as your business grows.

Disadvantages: Not as adaptable or configurable as a traditional dedicated host, but offers considerable cost savings.


Email hosting

Most web hosting companies provide basic email hosting support which is usually based on the POP 3 protocol. While this is a great cost-effective solution, it may not be the best option for your business. At XSIT, we provide a range of professional email hosting packages to companies in Sydney and Sutherland Shire.

POP Email – This is the basic email hosting option which allows companies to send emails from their domain. POP accounts are restricted to a single account however, so if you need to access email from several different devices this may not be the best option.

Office 365 Email Essentials – This is Microsoft's basic email service and is perfect for companies on the move. Users can access their email from any internet-connected device including smartphone, tablet and desktop. Users get 15 GB of mailbox storage along with access to shared calendars, POP, IMAP and Exchange ActiveSync® per mailbox.

Office 365 Business Essentials – This provides the connectivity options necessary for today's fast-growing companies. With Office 365 Business Essentials you get all the benefits of Email Essentials plus 50 GB of mail storage, 1000 GB of One Drive® cloud storage, SharePoint and Microsoft Teams, Yammer and Skype for Business.

Office 365 Business Premium – With business premium companies get all the features of Office 365 Business Essentials along with Microsoft Bookings, which allows customers to schedule appointments online, plus the ability to install Microsoft Office on up to 5 devices.


Why choose XSIT for your hosting?


Reliable hosting

We provide a 99.8% uptime guarantee on all our hosting plans. But in the unlikely event that something does go wrong, our engineers are available 24 hours a day to help get you back up and running quickly.


Space to grow

A fast-growing business needs space to grow its online presence as well. Our virtual server plans are perfect for companies who need access to more server resources at short notice.


Regular backups

Data is the lifeblood of your business. Research shows that 60% of small businesses fail after suffering data loss. We provide automatic backup as standard on all our hosting plans.


Great support

At XSIT, we pride ourselves on the support we offer our clients. Our technicians are available 24/7 to monitor your website and keep it up and running. We can also help manage third-party software updates to help keep your website secure.


Security as standard

All our servers, including shared, dedicated and virtual are protected by firewalls to prevent unauthorised access. All plans also come with SSL certificates as standard. Cloudflare CDN is also available as an option. Cloudflare helps to keep your website online if you suffer a server failure or Distributed Denial of Service (DDS) attack.


Ecommerce ready

All our hosting options are suitable for hosting eCommerce platforms. All packages include SSL certificates for PCI compliance and we can provide dedicated IP’s on our virtual and dedicated hosting plans. So even if you don’t require eCommerce today, you can easily add it in the future.


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As one of the leading providers of small business web hosting in Sydney, Sutherland Shire, XSIT specialists can help you choose the right hosting environment to help your business grow.

For more information about our range of small business hosting services, get in touch with us on 0410 669 746. Alternatively, complete the contact form here and one of our hosting specialists will get back to you at a convenient time.

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